COVID19 updates

COVID Guidelines – UCI Climbing Team


  1. Climbing practices at SenderOne
    1. Attendance is optional but a reservation is required (2 hour slot)
    2. Limit group sizes
    3. Follow gym protocol (masks, use hand sanitizer before/after practice)
      1. Mask must have at least 2 layers of fabric (may be removed briefly to rehydrate) and must cover nose and mouth
      2. Recommended to bring own hand sanitizer
      3. Use your own gear (if possible)
    4. Maintain social distancing during practice (6 ft apart)
      1. Air hugs and elbow high fives are rad
      2. Refrain from touching face, especially immediately before and after a climb
    5. Monitor own health (if feeling sick or have been exposed to someone who may have covid, don’t climb for 48 hours)
      1. Symptoms of covid: cough, SOB, fever, chills, sore throat, new lost of taste or smell
      2. If you test positive, notify anyone you may have exposed and let an officer know
        1. we will not use your private information (name) if we need to inform other potentially exposed individuals
    6. Only use liquid chalk
    7. Rope climbing
      1. Assigned to a pod (2-3 people)
        1. Partnership for belaying and carpooling (limits exposure)
      2. Climber may use hand signals in place of shouted commands due to difficulty in communication with mask
      3. Must have at least one empty route between parties
  2. Climbing practices at the ARC
    1. N/A at this time
  3. Virtual Practices and Social Media
    1. If you don’t feel comfortable with climbing at the gym yet, we will be posting home workout and climbing related videos to our social media accounts
  4. Social Events / Competitions
    1. Group sizes need to be limited (up to 4 people w/ face coverings with maintaining social distancing)
    2. Events
      1. Outdoor bouldering 
      2. Mountain biking
      3. Trail running
  5. Climbing outside
    1. Follow local and federal guidelines
      1. Always wear a mask, use hand sanitizer before and after climbing
    2. Minimize exposure to local communities (limit group size to 4 max and avoid busy crags and peak times)
    3. Do not take unnecessary risks (minimize burden on medical and SAR professionals)