About Us

We are an official UCI Club Sports team established in 2013. We welcome all climbers from years of experience to first-timers. Our mission is to share the love of climbing with those who want to take their physical challenges to new heights

Benefits of joining

  • Outdoor Trips. Our goal is to host at least two outdoor trips each quarter, one for bouldering and one for sport climbing. There are no extra costs to participate in our outdoor trips. Keep in mind though that space is limited and who gets to go is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. After you join the club, be on the lookout for emails and Facebook announcements regarding up-coming trips so you can be one of the first to sign up. If you are interested in outdoor trips, or have questions, please reach out to Chris , Nick, or uciclimbing@gmail.com .
  • Collegiate Climbing Series Competitions. We compete against other local colleges in friendly and fun events. Team members are encouraged to compete regardless of their climbing experience. Local competitions take place all over the SoCal region. By competing in at least one of these, you'll be eligible to compete in regional, which takes place at the end of the winter quarter. Climbing at regional is a requirement to compete in nationals during the spring quarter. If you are interested in competing, or have more questions, please reach out to Colleen.
  • Social Events. Team cohesiveness is important to us, so our social events are hosted every month. We've seen a huge success in creating awesome friendships because of these social events, so come out to them! Afraid you'll miss these social events? Don't worry about it since we aim to host at least one social event a month. Check out our facebook page for news and events here
  • Team Practice & Coaching. Attendance at practice is completely optional! We hold practices at two locations, one on campus (ARC Rockwall) and one off campus (Sender One). Practices are tailored toward your individual needs. There will be team-led core conditioning & power endurance training at Sender One with Colleen. Time and Dates TBD, please reach out to inquire.
  • Team Shirts. You will receive a free team shirt for the current year that you registered. These shirts are typically distributed at the end of October. You may also choose to purchase shirts from past years at a discounted price. Please inquire.

ARC Wall

What This Membership Offers

  • Types of climbing: top-rope
  • Free rental gear
  • A place to climb on campus any day during the open climb hours which are posted here
  • Must pass a belay test to climb here. Belay classes are offered during practices


  • $15/quarter
  • Free for climbing team members during scheduled practices

Practice Times

  • Tuesdays 5-7pm

Sender One

What This Membership Offers

  • Types of climbing: bouldering, lead, top-rope
  • One guest pass per month
  • Must pass a belay test to top-rope. An additional belay test is required to lead climb
  • Yoga, training facility, gym-hosted events, locker room with showers


  • Regular: $89/month + $59 initiation fee
  • Climbing Team Members: Discounted membership and no initiation fee. Contact an officer for details


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6-11pm


"I've never climbing before. Can I join?"
Of course! Climbers of all levels are welcome to join. If you're new, the fastest way to improve is to climb with experience climbers.

"Where does the team practice?"
Practices are held in two locations: Sender One Climbing Gym in Santa Ana and the Anteater Recreation Center Rock Wall.

"Are practices mandatory?"
Nope! All practices, trips, competitions, and social events are completely optional.

"I don't have a car. Can I still climb at Sender One?"
Yep! If you need help finding a carpool, either post on our Facebook group or send an email to uciclimbing@gmail.com

"Do I need gear?"
That depends. If you only plan on only climbing at the ARC, rental gear is provided. Sender One offers rentals but they're not free. You'll be required to have your own gear on team trips. We highly recommend you buy your own gear. It's cheaper than always paying for rentals and just about any pair of shoes you buy will be better than the worn down ones you can rent.

"What gear do I need?"
Bouldering: Climbing shoes, chalk, and a chalk bag/bucket
Top Rope: Climbing shoes, harness, chalk, and a chalk bag
Lead: Climbing shoes, harness, rope, belay device, chalk, and a chalk bag

"Do I need to pay for outdoor trips?"
Your membership includes all team trips. There's no additional fee.